Sunday, June 28, 2009

Starting over!

OK, so I'm a very bad blogger I'll admit it! I hadn't touched my blog in months, until today that is! I spent the morning deleting almost every old post so I could start from scratch. My goal is to keep up with it this time...we shall see... I have high hopes :)

I'm hoping to do daily themes, that way, I will have something to shoot for each week! My thoughts at the moment for themes are:

Sunday Sampler-Showcasing samples from shops I adore from Etsy & Artfire

Monday Musings- Just random :)

Twitter Tuesday- Posts about the Etsy Twitter Team's Shop of the Week!

Wordless Wednesday- A favorite photo from the week (not necessarily mine!)

3 For Thursday- 3 of my favorite articles, photos, blogs, quotes, etc. from the week

Friday's Find- This could be anything from a great article to a great deal!

Silent Saturday- I'm usually too exhausted from work & want to spend time with the family so I'm thinking my Saturdays will be silent here on the blog :)

OK, so there you have it! I've posted for all to see, now you all need to keep me on my toes so I stay on top of it. (Pretty please? With sugar on top?)

One other request...if you would like to be featured in the Sunday Sampler please let me know! Now I'm off to start my first Sunday Sampler, hope you enjoy it :)


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