Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's HERE!

I am so happy for Nicolas! His Jeep arrived yesterday while he was in school! He wasn't expecting it until this morning so it was quite a surprise :) He's been saving for so long and had to pretty much empty his bank account for this big purchase! Dad lent him $200 so he could keep his account open at least. Now for him to get some sales or find a job so he can pay him back :)

The Jeep is black, his favorite color! It needs work, but we have time, thankfully, as I'm not sure I'm quite ready for him to be driving :( They grow up much too fast....

He has grand ideas for what he wants to do with the Jeep. Like doing a digital camo paint job! Now THAT is going to be quite an undertaking :) He wants bucket seats (who puts a bench seat in a Jeep? There's no way 3 people are going to fit in the front seat!)

The other good news yesterday was his progress report! If he continues completing his homework, he'll make the honor roll again! This is excellent news for me. He was always an honor roll student, but started faltering. It was depression. He has overcome so much the past 2 years and it's so nice to see him caring about things again, smiling again, having goals again. I couldn't be more proud :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Jeep

When I opened up our shop on Etsy I let everyone know that any of the proceeds from Nicolas' sales would be going towards his purchase of his first vehicle. He has had his heart set on getting a Jeep and has been saving every little bit he makes and has been searching Craigs List and Ebay for months. He won't be driving for a few more months, but he found "the" Jeep! It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow! He's around $200 short, so we're lending him the money to cover it. Hopefully he can make a few more sales to pay us back :) I'll be sure to get pictures tomorrow of him with his new toy! I'm also trying to add more of Nicolas' photographs to our Etsy shop, he looks at things so uniquely!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beautiful, Cheap centerpiece!

OK, so I'm a terrible blogger :) I'm not very good at updating!

I have a super easy, adorable, cheap centerpiece idea! You need:

Red Wine glasses
votive candles

1. Put some cranberries in the wine glass
2. Add your votive candle
3. Add more cranberries around the candle
4. light and enjoy!

I did this for Thanksgiving and plan on doing it again for Christmas. I thought cleaning the wax would be a nightmare, but once it cools off it hardens around the cranberries and comes right out! Also, you can put it in the fridge to harden the wax quicker and it chips right off :)

Does anyone else have any neat centerpiece ideas?
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