Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beautiful, Cheap centerpiece!

OK, so I'm a terrible blogger :) I'm not very good at updating!

I have a super easy, adorable, cheap centerpiece idea! You need:

Red Wine glasses
votive candles

1. Put some cranberries in the wine glass
2. Add your votive candle
3. Add more cranberries around the candle
4. light and enjoy!

I did this for Thanksgiving and plan on doing it again for Christmas. I thought cleaning the wax would be a nightmare, but once it cools off it hardens around the cranberries and comes right out! Also, you can put it in the fridge to harden the wax quicker and it chips right off :)

Does anyone else have any neat centerpiece ideas?


A. Nieman said...

Very pretty I could see a line of them on a long table or a single one of a round table at a wedding.

Denise said...

A. Nieman, we had 4 tables and put 2 at each table. If there weren't so many kids I think it would be great to have a line of them!


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